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Shampoo and Conditioner without the bottle. Description
These shampoo bars are very gentle, moisturizing, and conditioning. They are laced with coconut oil, silk protein, panthanol plus powerful conditioners to leave hair soft, shiny and full of body. A little goes a LONG way. Tons of lather.

Shampoo bars can be used on the body too. Conditioner bars make great in-the-shower body lotion as well.

More Benefits of these Amazing bars:
**Very little packaging
**Multi-tasking makes them great for travel and camping
**Long Lasting!! One bar can last up to 65 washes. They need to be kept dry between uses. Ask me about my favorite soap savers.

These Bars are different from others on the market as they contain extra conditioners, extracts and moistuizers that are not found in others.

The Condition bar is equaly amazing. You only need a very small amount to get soft conditioned locks. A couple swipes through the hair is all you need. Apply to wet hair, let sit 3-5 min, rinse.

Shampoo Ingredients:Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, BTMS-50, Coconut Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Vitamin E Oil, Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil, Panthanol, Silk Protein, mica colorant.

Conditioner Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, BTMS-50, Cetyl Alcohol, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Fragrance oil or Essential Oil, mica colorant.

Allergy Warning: If you are concerned about an allergic reaction, test the soap on a small area of skin and stop using if irritation occurs.

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