Our Story

In the beginning God created heaven and earth, then in the year 2000 my wife and I got married.  We didn't like the idea of starving so I joined the armed services.  So for 20 years we traveled the world and had 2 kids (people kids not goat kids).  Our last duty station we bought a farm and raised:


Louise Always needs to be held.  Has retired from egg laying but will still occasionally sit in a nest box to take a nap.


Casper Know as 'Casper the Friendly Turkey' was born all white.  Hatched alone while the kids were homeschooling.  The kids took turns holding Casper so he would stop "pepping".  Still requirers lots of attention and is always there to help with any outdoor project. 


Top Left Edith, Bottom Left Cheeto, Center Duchie (RIP), Right Cappie (Herd



 To Be Continued...