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Handmade Homestead LLC

Car Freshies

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Air Freshies

Tall - 4in x 3in

Long - 3in x 4in

Round - 3.5 diameter


Air Fresheners will be printed on both sides. The substrate is a felt material. The package will include one air freshener, spray bottle with fragrance oil, and string to hang air freshener. Choose from designs already made, or have custom designs made just for you. In order, for you to have your designs made, the pictures used must be good quality, cannot come off Facebook, or any other social media account. Can come off your phone. For custom orders, e-mail, please allow for communication time between you and the artist. We want to make your air freshener freshen your day.

Our fragrance oils are highly concentrated just a couple sprays will work.  Please remember to take your freshie down before refreshing.  Do not spray the fragrance oil over your dash or toward your windows.  I prefer to lay it on my floor mat or outside the vehicle.  Fragrance oil can in its concentrated form can discolor and or ruin plastic, DO NOT SPRAY ON OR TOWARDS YOUR DASH, SEATS, etc.    


Disclaimer: Due to the legalities in the copyrighted items, artist won’t reproduce copyrighted items. Pictures used must be your own.