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Bubble Scoops!

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Bubble Bath without the plastic bottles.  

Each Scoop weighs 2.5oz each.  

Black Raspberry & Vanilla (best seller for years) smells just like the name reads.

Juicy Watermelon: smells like a fresh ripe juicy watermelon.

Black Cherry!  If you like cherry, you are going to love this!


Please Read the instructions!

If you have a jetted tub....don't.  Just don't.  Seriously I was scooping bubbles out of the tub for hours and no kidding the bubble were still in the driveway the next morning.  

This is solid BUBBLE BATH not a bath bomb, they work different.  

Bubble Scoops must be held under fast running water to activate.  You can hold them under running water with your hand, a bubble bag, or a kitchen strainer.  With our hard water I got the most bubbles with a bubble bag (soap loofa bag).  I'm sure any mesh/organza bag will work.  Best of all it will hang right from your tub spout.  Depending on your water and how many bubbles you want use half or a full scoop. I also think it works better crushed vs whole. Agitate the water just like you would with any normal bubble bath.  


Baking Soda, Bubble Cake Hardener, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, SLSA Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Fragrance Oil, and Mica Color.