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Laundry Suds DIY Lavender & Vanilla

Laundry Suds DIY Lavender & Vanilla

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Laundry Soap is great for people with sensitive skin. I was tired of using expensive chemical laden products that contained mostly water & harmful to my septic system. This Laundry Soap will clean your clothes wonderfully & only using a fraction of what you are using with store bought products.

You will not believe how clean & fresh smelling your laundry will come out.Current Scent is Fresh Linen and Sunshine. I use our own handmade Laundry Soap, which contains Coconut oil & Borax.

It is free of harsh chemicals, detergents, and petroleum products that store bought products are mostly comprised of. It is also safe on your septic systems & environmentally friendly!

This listing is for our DIY Laundry Suds. Great for saving on Shipping. You are just purchasing the Laundry Suds Soap. You will need to purchase Super Washing Soda, and Borax separately. You will also need a large, clean, dry bucket with lid for storing your suds.

Recipe:One 10oz bag of Handmade Homestead Laundry Suds Soap, 2 Boxes Super Washing Soda (3# each), 2 Boxes Borax (4# each). Mix dry ingredients until Suds flakes are evenly distributed. This is why I add a little color to the laundry suds. Helps me see when everything is properly mixed. I do wear a dust mask while mixing and I mix this up outside (dusting is my least favorite household chore).

This makes over 14 lbs of Laundry Suds! This will keep you in Laundry Suds for a LONG time! I love this stuff! It's all we use here at the farm. If it will clean our Kidding Season Clothes and Towels it will clean anything! LOL

Laundry Soap works great in Cold, Warm, or Hot water.
It only takes 1 - 2 TBS to wash a full load of laundry! Because my laundry soap is low sudsing, it is works great in front loading washing machines as well as HE (High Effenciency machines) which I use personally.

Don't let the lack of suds fool you though! This is the best laundry soap I have ever used. It really brightens & leaves your clothes with such a wonderful fragrance. HE or front loading washers usually require only 1/2 the amount of soap regular machines do.

In my own useage of laundry soap, I typically use about 1 Tablespoon per wash load for normally soiled clothing. You may want to up it to 2 TBS for heavily soiled smelly clothing.

~Front Loading Machines & HE Machines - 1 TBS Per Load ~Top Loading Non-HE Machines - 2 TBS Per Load
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