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Laundry Suds

Laundry Suds

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Laundry Soap is great for people with sensitive skin. I was tired of using expensive chemical laden products that contained mostly water & harmful to my septic system. This Laundry Soap will clean your clothes wonderfully & only using a fraction of what you are using with store bought products. You will not believe how clean & fresh smelling your laundry will come out.

Current Scent is Fresh Linen.

I use our own handmade Goat Milk and Coconut Oil Laundry Soap, Baking Soda, & Borax. It is free of harsh chemicals, detergents, and petroleum products that store bought products are mostly comprised of. It is also safe on your septic systems & environmentally friendly!

Laundry Soap works great in Cold, Warm, or Hot water. It only takes 1 - 2 TBS to do a full load of laundry! Because my laundry soap is low sudsing, it is works great in front loading washing machines as well as HE (High Effenciency machines) which I use personally. Don't let the lack of suds fool you though! This is the best laundry soap I have ever used. It really brightens & leaves your clothes with such a wonderful fragrance. HE or front loading washers usually require only 1/2 the amount of soap regular machines do. In my own useage of laundry soap, I typically use about 1 Tablespoon per wash load for normally soiled clothing. You may want to up it to 2 TBS for heavily soiled smelly clothing.

~Front Loading Machines & HE Machines - 1 TBS Per Load
~Top Loading Non-HE Machines - 2 TBS Per Load
Tablespoon scoop is included in the 2Lb package. At this time I only have one scent available. More options are coming soon. Shipping is a little high on this item but as always if I can ship it for less I will refund the difference on your shipping.

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