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Handmade Homestead LLC

Mask Refresher Spray

Mask Refresher Spray

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Mask Refresher Spray apx 1oz

This is in no way supposed to replace your washing machine or tooth brush but really helps when running errands after lunch!  Last weekend we had a full day of errand running and after eating lunch in the car my mask smelled like my Mushroom & Swiss Burger.  Gross!

How it works.  Spray your mask on the outside and let it dry while you drive to your next location.  Once dry the alcohol smell will disappear leaving the good smelling fragrance oil or Essential oil behind. This is made using 99.9% pure alcohol and peroxide.  I can't say it's a disinfecting spray but it will definitely help.  At the end of the day wash your cloth mask and hang in the sun for maximum germ killing.   

Made with: Alcohol, Peroxide, and Fragrance oil or Essential Oil. 

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